Sky View Survey supplies aerial photography and film services to Environmental, Building, Land Management and  Surveyors, Architects, Planning, Energy and Renewables, Oil and Gas, Infrastructure, Archaeology and Engineering-related organisations.

Our services can help organisations provide safer, faster, lower-cost project and asset inspections. We use the latest Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology and DSLR cameras to remotely control and capture unique and stunning footage and or still photographs of any given Point of Interest (POI), structure or hard-to-get-to area.

We are able to operate up to a height of 400 ft and a distance on the ground of 500 m (from our two man team on the ground). If there are requirements to work at a greater height then we can seek permission from the CAA who can, (subject to Site Survey and Risk Analysis of site) approve required access higher than 400ft.

Sky View Survey is a sub division of Sky View Film – who undertake more commercial and creative-type aerial photography and film work. Sky View Survey’s personnel are from an engineering, building and IT background so are familiar with the typical requirements associated with engineering and survey-type work and the challenges that arise when needing to inspect assets (POI’s) in hazardous or hard-to-get-to locations or areas that are or were previously inaccessible. We are PRINCE2 certified so we can assist with the delivery of your projects when necessary.

Our services can very likely help reduce the cost of a project and reduce the risk to personnel whilst greatly speeding up the time it takes to get key information from any given difficult-to-access asset or structure. This often means that key decisions relating to a particular asset or structure can be made much quicker. We can gain the necessary vantage required in minutes as opposed to conventional ‘man up’ access that can typically take several days and involve complex planning. We aim to lessen this pain and hassle. Our Post Production team are able to deliver striking visual images or film clips to your requirements.  We can deliver the footage in whatever format is required. Please speak to us about you requirements.

Sky View Survey are fully qualified with BNUC-S certification via the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to carry out Aerial Photography and Film work in the UK and Europe. We are fully insured with Public Liability Insurance of £5,000,000.

Our Accreditations

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